Trans-Septal Access

The Adelante® Breezeway® Guiding Sheath with Hemostatic Valve is intended for the percutaneous introduction of various types of cardiovascular catheters to all chambers of the heart, including transseptal puncture. The Adelante® Breezeway® is available in several size, length and curve configurations. 

Sheath ID Sizes: 6 F to 10 F 

Sheath Lengths: 61 cm or 79 cm 

Dilator Lengths: 66 cm or 84 cm 

Accepts Maximum Guidewire: 0.035 in 

Packaging available in: 

• Sheath and dilator only 

• Sheath, dilator, and guidewire set 

• Bulk non-sterile 

• Other configurations available upon request 

Destino™ Twist Unidirectional Sheath

The is a steerable guiding sheath that offers a deflectable tip with an ergonomic handle. The Destino™ Twist is the ultimate tool in gaining access to the most difficult to reach sites while maintaining hemostasis with Oscor SureSeal™ technology. The Destino™ Twist is your one sheath solution intended to facilitate the intracardiac, renal, and peripheral placements of diagnostic and therapeutic devices.


Ergonomic handle with clear imprint of the curve deflection, french size and sheath length 

Tip position indicator showing neutral or deflected curve

Accurate tip deflection response to handle collar rotation 

Soft, atraumatic tip reduces potential for trauma and provides smooth transition to catheter

Radiopaque tip marker enhances fluoro visibility

Curve retention for accurate catheter placement

Hydrophobic coated sheath improves access

Braided Flexsteer™ shaft provides exceptional control torqueability, and kink resistance

Snap-locking dilator connector

Accepts maximum guidewire up to 0.035”/0.89 mm

Destino Twist Brochure

Destino Bidirectional Sheath

The Destino™ is a next generation bi-directional steerable guiding sheath for the introduction and placement of diagnostic and therapeutic devices into the human vasculature, including but not limited to intracardiac, transseptal, and other placements. 

Featuring a next generation hemostatic valve and braided FlexSteer® Shaft Technology, the Destino™ is the only available steerable sheath with true bi-directional tip deflections of 180˚. 

Sheath ID Sizes: 8.5 F, 10 F, or 12 F 

Sheath Lengths: 61 cm to 71 cm 

Dilator Lengths: 85 cm to 94 cm 

Curve Sizes: 17 mm, 22 mm, or 50 mm 

Accepts Maximum Guidewire: 0.038 in 

Packaging available in: 

• Kit with accessories 

• Sheath and dilator only 

• Sheath, dilator, and guidewire set 

• Other configurations available upon request 

Destino Bi-directional Sheath brochure