Intra-radial Access

Sheath Introducer

The Adelante® Radial is the next generation in transradial access sheath introducers, featuring the latest hemostatic valve technology, for minimal blood loss during diagnostic angiography or percutaneous coronary intervention. For smooth insertion and removal of device, it features a hydrophilic coated and kink-resistant sheath. Also, providing an excellent elongated tapered dilator tip for optimal vessel access. 

Sheath ID Sizes: 4 F to 6 F 

Sheath Lengths: 7 cm to 25 cm 

Dilator Lengths: 12 cm to 30 cm 

Accepts Maximum Guidewire: 0.018 in 

Packaging available in: 

• Kit with accessories 

• Sheath and dilator only 

• Bulk non-sterile 

• Other configurations available upon request